Bionics References

One of the best sources for bionics is a good university biomedical research library. Related subjects include cybernetics (bionics = bio-cybernetics), morphology (structure-function, etc.), general systems theory (complexity, isomorphic relationships, etc.) and biomechanics (prosthetics, etc.). A lot of bionic research was sponsored by the U.S. and Soviet (and other) military in the '60s.

A sample bibliography includes:

  • Aspects of Form - Lancelot law Whyte (editor)
  • Biomechanics - David Bootzin and Harry C. Muffley (eds.)
  • Bionics - Lucien Gerardin
  • Bionics - Vincent Marteka
  • Definition of the Subject and Method of Bionics - V.I. Bel'kevich and E. Y.U. Vende
  • Evolution and Design in the Plant Kingdom - C.L. Duddington
  • On Growth and Form - D'Arcy Thompson
  • Structure, Form and Movement - Heinrich Hertel
  • The Magic of the Senses - Vitus B. Droscher
  • ... and many very technical publications about biological prototypes for synthetic systems.